Monday, September 25, 2017

Trail: Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail - 4 Nights

I walked the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail last week. The five day / four night trail was fantastic. Lots of different environments to walk through, from bushland, forests, grasslands and stunning coasts.

The facilities provided for on the trail are first class, with clean, modern camp sites, plenty of rain water and a communal shelter / cooking area for walkers each night. The map and documentation provided for by Flinders Chase Visitor's Centre was excellent, and provided a detailed map, elevation and vegetation, and information regarding history, flora and fauna. Very well done.

The trail is well-marked, and can be completed without much training. I completed each day roughly within the time indicated, with a slow pace and plenty of breaks for photos. The opportunity to walk through such landscapes is amazing, and the KIWT is expertly organised / structured / maintained.

I had a magical time, and would highly recommend this trail.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Trail: Baroota Ruins - 1 Night

I spent the night at Baroota Ruins last Friday. The walk from Mambray Creek to the Baroota Campground is short, but very beautiful. There was plenty of rainwater at Baroota Campground. 

Doepfer A-143-1 Complex Envelope Generator as Simple Sequencer

The Doepfer A-143-1 seems to be a very versatile module. Due to the comparative, successive trigger the four envelope outputs can be used as a sequencer, where the decay and attack times of each envelope set the rhythmic length of that step.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Trail: Hidden Gorge - 1 Night

I walked the Hidden Gorge Hike over two days last weekend, to celebrate the start of spring. A truly beautiful walk, I would highly recommend as it is relatively close to Adelaide, can be reached by public transport, and offers spectacular views of Hidden Gorge and surrounds.

The walk is 18 KM long and was completed in two days, including three hour travel time (one way) from Adelaide. Hidden Gorge camp was spacious and sheltered. Although it rained all night, the weather was fantastic during the day.

Monday, September 11, 2017

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